I'm really feeling it!

[19:03] <Sa1vador> Should I nap or watch TV?

[19:03] <Sa1vador> hmm

[19:03] <NotGoodForYou> I played it for about two keeks.

[19:03] <NotGoodForYou> Watch TV!

[19:03] <Sa1vador> KEEKS

[19:03] <NotGoodForYou> weeks*

[19:03] <NotGoodForYou> DEM KEEKS

[19:03] <sylverfyst> TV

[19:03] * Sa1vador DEM KEEKS MEME

[19:03] <NotGoodForYou> Napping just wastes time.

[19:04] <NotGoodForYou> Dem keeks should totally be a meme.

[19:04] <NotGoodForYou> But what IS a keek?

[19:04] <sylverfyst> *Dem Keeks?

[19:04] <Sa1vador> Ask NGFY

[19:04] <sylverfyst> Dem Keeks

[19:04] <NotGoodForYou> I AM NotGoodForYou. ._. And I don't even.

[19:04] <Sa1vador> Did you accidentally the whole thing?

[19:04] <NotGoodForYou> Yes.

[19:05] <sylverfyst> putting it into google gives me @MelisJade oiii nahhhh dem keeks r all me she earns her daily salary i need the money from the keeks man lool


[19:05] <NotGoodForYou> KEEKS!

[19:05] <Sa1vador> W

[19:05] <Sa1vador> T

[19:05] <Sa1vador> F

[19:05] <Sa1vador> ?

[19:06] <NotGoodForYou> Keeks.

[19:06] <Sa1vador> Indeed man.

[19:06] <Sa1vador> Keeks

[19:07] <NotGoodForYou>

[19:07] <Sa1vador> YUSS

[19:07] <NotGoodForYou> But what is a keek?

[19:07] <NotGoodForYou> Maybe that's the whole meme.

[19:08] <NotGoodForYou> "What is a keek?

[19:08] <NotGoodForYou> "

[19:08] urban dictionary has the varying definitions of keek


[19:08] <sylverfyst> *warning it's a vast and varied source*

[19:08] <NotGoodForYou> FUUUU beat me to it.

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> Well, that's one meme I won't be starting any time soon.

[19:09] <sylverfyst> lol to this day no one knows what it actually means


[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> Keek: A beatiful woman.

[19:09] <sylverfyst> the cat blanket

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> Keek: An ugly man.

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> The whatÉ

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> É

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> ?

[19:09] <Sa1vador> Keek: That sex act that makes you throw up a little bit

[19:09] <NotGoodForYou> XD

[19:10] <NotGoodForYou> isn't that kink?

[19:10] <sylverfyst> keek: Short for "kee kee," an affectionate blanket term for one's pet cat. Also used as a phrasal verb as in "keek it up," meaning to go friggin nutz as during a cat's freak out time, usually between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m.


[19:10] <NotGoodForYou> :P

[19:10] <Sa1vador> Cat freak out time is so true

[19:10] <sylverfyst> XD

[19:10] <NotGoodForYou> Keek: (noun) - A keek.

[19:11] <Sa1vador> Shit NootGood, you best be careful where you keek.

[19:11] <NotGoodForYou> NootNootForYou

[19:11] <sylverfyst> wait is that hook up keek? or cat freak out keek?

[19:11] <NotGoodForYou> It's just keek.

[19:11] <sylverfyst> keek needs context man. CONTEXT!

[19:12] <NotGoodForYou> Keek don't need any of that context shiet, yo.

[19:12] <NotGoodForYou> Keek is keek. Keepin' it keek.

[19:12] <@Stranger> That woman is a keek

[19:12] <sylverfyst> Ah screw it, this is so keek


[19:12] <sylverfyst> BOTH

[19:13] <sylverfyst> she keek man

[19:13] <Sa1vador> That keek is so keek and I would totally keek her up if you catch my keek


[19:13] <Sa1vador> ;D

[19:13] <NotGoodForYou> It means she's a beautiful woman as well as an ugly man.

[19:13] <sylverfyst>


[19:14] <sylverfyst> XD

[19:14] <NotGoodForYou> What is this I don't even.

[19:14] <NotGoodForYou> I'm 12 and what is this.

[19:14] <Sa1vador> XD

[19:15] <sylverfyst> Man Haikyuu, Haikyuu

[19:15] <NotGoodForYou> Dude, that's so keek.

[19:15] <Sa1vador> Indeed

[19:15] <sylverfyst> that character is such a keeking keek

[19:15] <Sa1vador> I'd keek that fo sho

[19:15] <@Stranger> You also posted a Haikyuu gif on the Pika thanks thing

[19:15] <NotGoodForYou> keekophobes..

[19:15] <@Stranger> How many do you haev?

[19:15] <@Stranger> have*

[19:15] <sylverfyst> I'm binging it right now, and LOTS

[19:15] <NotGoodForYou> keekillions.

[19:16] * Stranger is now known as Keek

[19:16] <NotGoodForYou> KeeK?

[19:16] <@Keek> Yes, Keek

[19:16] <sylverfyst> that is either really flattering or really insulting

[19:16] <NotGoodForYou> :P

[19:17] <NotGoodForYou> Someone should add that to Urban Dictionary.

[19:17] <NotGoodForYou> 1) A beautiful woman.

[19:17] <NotGoodForYou> 2) An ugly man.

[19:17] <@Keek> You have to say "Keek" not ":P"

[19:17] <@Keek>

[19:17] <NotGoodForYou> Bitch, I keek what I want.

[19:17] <sylverfyst> 3) Cat Freakout Time

[19:17] * Dinnerthulu is now known as Pikathulu

[19:18] <@Pikathulu> boo~

[19:18] <Sa1vador> And now I have to watch Chaika just for that

[19:18] <NotGoodForYou> Keekathulu!

[19:18] <@Pikathulu> ?

[19:18] * Sa1vador is now known as Sa1KEEKador

[19:18] <sylverfyst> Pikeek!

[19:18] <NotGoodForYou> Oh, you've got a lot of scrolling to do.

[19:18] <@Pikathulu> Oh I see

[19:18] * NotGoodForYou is now known as NotGoodForKeek

[19:18] <@Pikathulu> Yall be crazy

[19:18] <NotGoodForKeek> No, we're keek.

[19:18] <NotGoodForKeek> Join us.

[19:18] <NotGoodForKeek> One of us. One of us. One of us.

[19:19] * sylverfyst is now known as sylverKeeK

[19:19] * Pikathulu is now known as Fleebthulu

[19:19] <@Fleebthulu> no

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> WRONG.

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> NO

[19:19] <Sa1KEEKador> COMBO BREAKER

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> GET OUT.

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> VOTEKICK.

[19:19] <sylverKeeK> VoteKeek?

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> Yes.


[19:19] <sylverKeeK> lol pika just embrace it

[19:19] <Sa1KEEKador> Just...KEEK it

[19:19] <NotGoodForKeek> Keekin' it real.

[19:20] <NotGoodForKeek> I wish someone could save this conversation.

[19:20] * Fleebthulu is now known as BUTTS

[19:20] <sylverKeeK> I have no idea what is going on and am trying as hard as hell not to lose my shit in class


[19:20] <@Keek> I am getting pinged a lot

[19:20] <Sa1KEEKador> HAHAHA

[19:20] <NotGoodForKeek> keeked*.

[19:20] * BUTTS is now known as Twerkeek

[19:20] <Sa1KEEKador> YUSS

[19:20] * Keek was kicked by Keek (Keek)

[19:20] <NotGoodForKeek> YEEEEEEAH

[19:20] <NotGoodForKeek> Wait, what?

[19:20] <NotGoodForKeek> Fuuuuuuuuck!

[19:20] <@Twerkeek> lol

[19:20] * Keek (~Stranger@34905d69.1f49225e.342981b0.df46914X) has joined #tay

[19:21] <Sa1KEEKador> Wb

[19:21] <NotGoodForKeek> But on a serious, I gotta keek the hell out of here.

[19:21] <NotGoodForKeek> Wb

[19:21] <NotGoodForKeek> I gotta leave.

[19:21] <@Twerkeek> Ha

[19:21] <Keek> Keeked myself

[19:21] <Keek> Cya

[19:21] <NotGoodForKeek> Keek ya, folks.

[19:21] <@Twerkeek> byyyyye

[19:21] <sylverKeeK> GOD DAMNIT Pika

[19:21] <NotGoodForKeek> Heh, nice.

[19:21] * NotGoodForKeek (~NotGoodFo@16b4fba6.1de2983b.clients.kiwiirc.com) Quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)


[19:21] <sylverKeeK> I lost my shit in class

[19:21] <Sa1KEEKador> ?

[19:21] <sylverKeeK> everybody's looking at me like wtf

[19:21] <Keek> "What's up with Sylverfyst"

[19:21] <@Twerkeek> WAHAHAHAHA!

[19:21] <Sa1KEEKador> Awesome

[19:21] <Keek> What did he say while I wasn't here?

[19:21] * Keek is now known as Stranger

[19:22] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Stranger

[19:22] <sylverKeeK> changed his name to Twerkeek

[19:22] <Sa1KEEKador> I think just the entire conversation got to him

[19:22] <sylverKeeK> it was the final straw

[19:22] <@Twerkeek> That was my plan all along!

[19:22] <@Twerkeek> The GAME!

[19:22] <sylverKeeK> you evil, evil eldritch god

[19:23] <Sa1KEEKador> Now you're going to have to keek

yourself in front of the entire class

[19:23] <Sa1KEEKador> Aww son of a bitch

[19:23] <@Twerkeek> son of a keek

[19:23] <@Twerkeek> dude

[19:23] <@Twerkeek> get it right

[19:23] <Sa1KEEKador> I haven't lost that in so long

[19:23] <sylverKeeK> damn it, that is so keekin' embarrassing

[19:23] <Sa1KEEKador> My bad keek

[19:23] <Sa1KEEKador> Gonna go find food. I SHALL RETURN

[19:23] <@Twerkeek> Bye

[19:24] * Twerkeek is now known as Poopbicycle

[19:24] <sylverKeeK> dude I wish we could log this whole thing for posterity's sake


Done just for Sylverfyst.

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