I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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While I wait for my brain to come up with some incredible amazing idea for a header image I figure I’ll write in my idea here. I write “my idea” but to be 100% truthy, this is an idea that I am stealing adapting from a post written by ToxicBunnies.


The idea here is we’re all working on something, whether it’s a project for school, working on finishing a book so you can review it, a game you want to get 100% completion on, etc. This can be anything! So to that end I’ll do a weekly post on Monday and you can update your progress. I will make sections and subsections for everyone so you can track other’s progress as well as your own. You’ll see what I mean as we go on. If you miss a week or you suspect you will miss a week you can make a post and tag it ProgressReport no space, caps don’t matter.

I sort of thought this would be a combo of Datacide’s excellent, “What are you playing!” posts, as well as TheGeekEmpresses’ equally as awesome CrafTAY corners. It’s a little more structured though in that you WILL BE AWARDED FAME AND PRIZES for completing your goals.


I don’t know how we’ll work that last part but maybe people can donate games via steam or humblebundles. There can be a prize pool that you can claim one if you meet your goal.

So to start, let’s get our goals down. Put it in this format so it’s uniform:

Project You’re working on:

Goal for that project:

Expected Completion Date:


1. Aikage

  1. Finish EDF 2025 all missions on Hard Mode as Air Raider for PS3
  2. Feel comfortable with Powerpoint presentation for Neonatology seminar talk on July 16th
  3. Slog through Vampirella: Feary Tales and write a review. This one was a mistake. Not a fan.



2. RerTV

  1. Finish Tales of Graces f on PS3
  2. Tales of the Abyss on 3DS
  3. Have 5 Games of League of Legends Recorded & Ready To Go


3. Quiddity

  1. Run ten miles this week


4. Novibear

  1. Get drivers license
  2. Finish FF5 for futures run
  3. Finish a visual novel in Renpy
  4. Go on at least two dates or meet new people. DATEEESS!!!! - Aikage
  5. Finish a ton of games I started
  6. Bear



5. Barkspawn

  1. Publish something that requires substantial effort (?) once per week.
  2. Get non-gaming content published on other blogs


6. The Geek Empress

  1. Keep Collecting Retro Gaming as a weekly series
  2. Finish 2 prints, and 4 chibi standees by end of July so I can get them printed in time for my convention
  3. Finish Ar Tonelico II


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