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Project Danger Zone....I mean X-Zone

Alright my dear friends, a disclaimer at the start being that I absolutely love this game so the following will certainly be singing it's praises, perhaps at times seeming manic or maybe slightly fanboy-ish but I assure you I shall indeed be speaking truth, or at least the nearest semblance that I can manage. Now that the admitting part is over lets get to the fun stuff. I would most definitely suggest this game to anyone that asked me about it. But I shall get to my reasons why fairly quickly, lets begin.

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The cast! I love how huge the cast is, it warms the heart to see all these game studios opening their doors and letting loose this many characters from this many franchises. I loved seeing familiar faces from games that I loved (Like the characters from .hack as well as the characters from Sakura Wars) and I even loved seeing characters from games that I had not played such as the characters from the Super Robot Wars series. All of them are here and they all have a distinct voice which I liked, the voices more often than not were in keeping with how I viewed the characters before I played the game, Kite was Earnest, Frank was taking pictures of the ladies, and Ken and Ryu were totally best friends forever. I loved watching the interactions between the characters.

Kind of rolled up in the cast is the plot of course, because through the plot we get to meet more and more characters, as well as watch their interactions with one another. Now I of course will not go into details, but I can say that the plot is absolutely ridiculous. This may sound like a criticism but it is most decidedly not. I LOVE how nonsensical the plot is. This game is more fun the more ridiculous we get, and the plot is straight out of B Movie realms, which makes sure that there will be laughs as you play through and the story unfolds. I have described it to my friends as kind of like playing through a B movie.

The combat is definitely one of the high points of the game though. The combat is frantic and fun. They did a good job of keeping it from ever getting truly boring, which is a good thing due to the AMOUNT of combat in this game. There are at times an obscene amount of enemies you have to take care of which leads me to my only complaint really. I felt at times that they loaded too many enemies in there at once which can sometimes lead a stage to feeling slightly bloated, and certain stages taking an hour or so to clear just because of how many enemies there were. The boss fights are challenging due to the amount of damage they can both take and dish out, especially when they throw more than one boss character at you at once. The combat is fun, fast paced, and even somewhat challenging when going after bosses.


A final point would be graphical, how the game looks. They did wonderful sprite work for this game, which lends the game a very charming feel. At the same time, during special attacks they show you more detailed versions of the characters which are actually quite breathtaking and help to make the special attacks just that, special.


I would say that the pro's definitely outweighed the cons on this particular game for me. So I am curious TAY, do any of you guys play this game, and what are your thoughts on it as well?

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