My favourite thing in this game so far is a scene between Tron Bonne and her Servbot - the two are discussing some cross-dimensional anomalies and the Servbot states, "But won't this delay that rocket you're been building even further?" Oh Capcom... You're such a tease.

My general impression so far is that it's basically a really generic SRPG on steroids - which is good and bad. The plot is pretty stupid; I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a sequel to Namco x Capcom, but I really don't understand how all these characters from completely unrelated game universes are somehow aware of each other - "Ryu? Oh yeah, he's my kid's godfather." No, Jin, that doesn't make any sense. Ryu shouldn't even know you exist. I was REALLY hoping for a "fish out of water" plot, where completely unrelated (and, naturally, diverse and seemingly eccentric to each other) characters interact in strange ways, discover each other's talents, that kind of stuff. Those plots and always super-fun, and I don't understand the point and purpose of crossovers without that element. This doesn't have that though - "Oh, you must be a demon hunter, I sense it, I'm a demon hunter too, that means we're best friends now and obviously have the same goals." It's that sort of mindless oversimplification that makes the dialogue completely boring.

My only other complaint (before I get to the good stuff) is the character choices - I like the main characters, and I like a lot of the supporting cast and villains (I didn't know who lord Raptor was before today, but now I'm in love with him), but then you have characters like Chun-Li and Morrigan (characters that are literally only famous for their breasts) and characters with literally no personality (Ryu, Ken, those Virtua Fighter characters, etc.). Why? I mean, fan service is fine and all, but why not have someone like Dan Hibiki instead? At least he has some interesting character traits. Anyway...

If you've ever played SMT: Devil Survivor, you know how to play this game. You move on a grid, then engage in battle with your enemy - doing so sends you to a different game mode where you select your attacks. Like a fighting game, it has a combo system that lets you call assists from a third character in your party and from any other party that might be near you; doing so creates X damage that does a little extra, and it's a neat little mechanic. There's also super moves that are executed with the Y button, but I have no idea what lets you trigger those... It's never made clear. There's also status effects or something too - again, I'm not sure what those even do.

The graphics are reeeeeeally nice. I love sprite animation, and this has some of the nicest I've ever seen. The battle animations are truly a sight to behold... If you like flashy, crazy action, it's got this in spades. It's really top-notch. The graphics look even better if you have the 3D on, but since I'm not able to hold the screen at a perfectly still angle to my face as I play, I find it blurs up too easily... It really sucks that the 3D is so finnicky on the 3DS, but whatevs.

Overall so far, despite my gripes with the story and the characters, I'd give it a solid 9/10... I just can't stop playing it, despite its problems! It's a really fun, engrossing little game. The Limited Editions bonuses are neat too, though I wouldn't pay anything extra for them... All launch copies of Project X Zone come with an art book, a small poster, and a soundtrack CD, so if you want those things, you need to buy it before the next batch arrives! (Probably in the next week or two). This game also seems to have the same problem as Fire Emblem: Awakening, where supply outweighs demand... Future Shop here in Canada didn't have enough games to meet preorder demands, and the Microplay store I went to only got a single box of 10 copies, 8 of which were preorders. So, it may be a little tricky to find for a few weeks. :P

Anyway, that's all I have to say... If you have any questions about the game and its mechanics, shoot me a response below. I'll answer it whenever.