Last night I had a bunch of friends over to check out the freshly released DLC pack for Mario Kart 8. The new content is awesome, but my friend felt differently after he was robbed of first place at the end of the Hyrule Circuit track!

I threw together the above video after watching the replay, as it seems that the green shell fired by Baby Mario behaves exactly like a red shell in order to track down my friend right in front of the finish line.


What do you think? Is this definitive proof that Nintendo lets the AI bend the rules in Mario Kart 8? Have you ever had this happen to you?


UPDATE: After a long discussion in the comments, I decided to return to that section of the track to see if perhaps the slight curve on the right side of the track contributed to the shell trajectory adjusting to the left. I fired over a dozen green shells at various angles and none of them went to the left. They all went straight, which is what green shells are supposed to do. The plot thickens! (For the record, I used Baby Mario with the same kart and wheels and it didn't make a difference.)