While many are awaiting Psycho-Pass Season 2 next month, Bandai/jp has released demos of a functional replica of the anime's mainstay weapon. If you want one, pre-order now on Premium Bandai for $200, no wait, prepare for shell MORE MONEY FOR THIS and find your middleman on the internet. Note it's just normal mode and cannot transform into its Lethal Eliminator/Destroy Decompose forms.

Video 1 is the activation:

Video 2-3 is the registration of the gun as either Shinya or Akane.

Video 4-5 is the Crime Coefficient process with the declaration that its on the Non-Lethal Paralyzer mode. True to the gun, there's the safety click if the target's under 200 and can also signal the friendly-fire warning. When said target is above 200, you can fire the paralyzer.

And of course, from one of the flashback episodes, invalid user!