Market research firm YouGov recently published profiles with data collected from over 200,000 UK members. The tool produces insight into the demographics, personality, lifestyle and entertainment preferences that fans of a certain brand, person or thing have. So whether you want to know the TV viewing habits of a fan of Coke or the favourite dish of Taylor Swift fans (a club sandwich), this tool provides a wealth of data to kill time with.

Naturally, I used the tool to look at video games. Did you know the most likely pet of The Last of Us fans is a cat? Or that Nintendo fans top Facebook page like is Futurama? How about the differences between Xbox and PlayStation customers? The data doesn't have information on the latest gen so what does it say about PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 customers?


PlayStation 3 customers take a central political stance.


Xbox 360 customers swing to the far-left.



PS3 players prefer Thai red duck curry, burgers and tuna mayo as their food of choice.

While 360 players choose to feast on saveloy, jam tarts and pancakes.


Common personality characteristics see both groups describe themselves as geeky and clever and occasionally nerdy and apathetic.


In addition PS3 players describe themselves as clever and occasionally introverted.

Xbox players differ as they describe themselves as alternative and occasionally lazy.



PS3 customers follow figures in comedy and Samuel L. Jackson


Xbox customers follow Star Trek and Formula 1.


The favourite entertainment of PS3 customers


And for Xbox 360 customers


The most likely pet for PlayStation 3 owners is a fish while for Xbox 360 players its a cat. Also 360 players have an interest in Japan but based on sales figures Japan does not have an interest in Xbox. PS3 customers are most likely to drive a Ford while 360 customers prefer the classier Alfa Romeo. Finally, both prefer sports clothing brands in Adidas and Animal.


Whether it is to address stereotypes or actually provide some market research (some of the data sets can be small for some brands), there is plenty of fun to be had with this tool. Feel free to post any interesting findings in the comments.

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