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PS4 TAY Community and You

Apologies it took so long for me to do this since creating the community. I’ve spent the past week very sick.

Last week, Sony released the new community feature for the PS4. I asked If you guys were interested, and you responded pretty heavily in favor of making one. The community is already nearly 40 members strong, thanks to efforts from both Taurenrider and Logansjog. But what exactly can we do with it?


The biggest and most obvious answer is using it to find other players for multiplayer sessions. We can plan and run things like Destiny raids or private GTA Online sessions. Using the community message board will also allow people to find fellow TAYers for smaller mp sessions, such as finding fellow players for a runthrough of Diablo 3, doing GTA Heists, or finding one TAYer to play some Mortal Kombat X. It’s my hope that this feature will allow us to more easily plan out and run things like TAY Game Night.

Otherwise, our options are rather limited. The community feature isn’t nearly as fleshed out as I’d have hoped, with even trying to find specific communities being a hassle without a search function. I do have some ideas I’d like to run by you guys and gals and determine interest in, such as “Party Chat Movie Night” or maybe “Party Chat Anime Viewing” for our AniTAYers. Your ideas and suggestions are, as always, welcome and wanted. If you have an idea of something we can do with it, please don’t hesitate to throw it down in the comments below or even make your own community posts here on TAY ( it technically says I’m the “owner” of the community, but I plan to be as hands off as I can in regards to that).

Other than that, enrollment is open to all (as it should be), so feel free to chat it up using the community message board and share screenshots at your leisure. We’ll come back and explore more options as the feature hopefully expands.

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