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PSA: Amazon is the Best Way to buy Video Games

Now, y'all know me. I'm a PC gamer, heart and soul, so physical games aren't exactly my deal, except, well, on occasion. And usually, that occasion is amazing deals. Amazon Digital regularly beats the pants off Steam. I obtained like... Fifteen games for about $7 total back in January, due to their crazy-good sales.

Yesterday, someone brought a post to my attention, which I managed to actually read today. Now, I take issue with that, which tells people to disregard my beloved Amazon, bestest of all corporations (EDIT: when news broke this afternoon that Amazon might release a new console, my first thought was "I'd actually buy that before I bought a console from the big three!" such is my love for the world's mightiest river and corporation. Also attractive, domineering women. The word has a lot of meanings. Also jungle.


Personally, I think OP was a bit impatient, maybe a bit mistaken, so I'd like to try to clear that up. Amazon clearly notes which games are available on launch ("order now and receive it on launch day!" they say), and if that isn't an available option, then no, it's not, in fact, available on launch day. At the time OP ordered, I gather, it was not available on launch day, though that became the case later. OP wanted both price guarantee—which Amazon targets at people who preorder early—and the better release date—which Amazon tends to target at people who buy closer to release. It's a pretty cool business strategy.

I feel that OP's warning was, to put it simply, moderately hasty, and that being mean to Amazon support and saying they were just pulling stuff out of thin air was a bit discourteous.

The quickest/best shipping Amazon provides is through their Prime service. It's free, two day shipping.


Now, me, I used to work for the Post Office, so I know a thing or two about shipping. Saturday and Sunday don't count. Ever. In fact, most people should just kinda know this. While it's true that mail is in fact sorted on Saturdays and Sundays, and the USPS delivers on Saturdays, generally, globally speaking,

So, getting the game two business days after it launches—it ships on Friday the 7th—you receive it on Tuesday the 11th, is to be expected. The only way this should be upsetting is if Amazon provides launch day shipping, which OP didn't actually get.


Amazon's great, though, for a ton of reasons: you can sell your own games and make more money than if you go to Gamestop or any other store. You can buy used games that are painful to find elsewhere. And yeah, free 2-day shipping for most Amazon-supplied items, as well as launch day shipping for some preorders? Awesome.

So please, don't be like OP and avoid Amazon, because, quite honestly? It's still the best way to buy video games.

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