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PSA: Inhouse Round-Up

Hey TAY folks. Been a while since I’ve done one of these. I’m here to talk to you about the daily TAY roundup.

Now, the TAY roundup, if you didn’t already know (and I bet you do) is when Kotaku mentions some of our articles and links them on their main site for all the world to see. Well, the times they are a-changing. Kotaku contacted me and said that since they were a bit short staffed at the moment they would like for us to take over.


So that’s what’s going to happen. Zarnyx and I are going to create a roundup every night at 9pm EDT, featuring the articles of the past day. Then Tina Amini (of Kotaku) is going to splice it over in the morning for Kotaku proper readers to see.

We will NOT attempt to skip over any articles written with the intent of a wider audience. If it’s just for TAY people we’re gonna leave it alone, but we will do our best to put as many articles as we can in the roundup. We just can’t exceed the preview text limit or people won’t see the link. This means that every now and then an article may be pushed to the next day or (hopefully not) skipped.

We will also not show any bias towards authors or content. Games, Anime, Manga, life in general - we’ll feature it all! I promise it’s not going to be all GBD and Zarnyx posts all the time. Unless somehow we’re the only one who wrote anything. If you ever feel we’ve missed you, for any reason, please contact one of us and we’ll try to add it in the next day or explain why it was overlooked.

We’ll actually roll this out tonight. Since I can change bylines on articles I’m just going to change the roundup author to “TAY”. Let me know if you have any questions.

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