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PSA: Kinja's New "Tiger" Update and Graphics

What's this!? A PSA? You betcha. I know you're excited, so I'll get right to it. You may have noticed images on TAY have been a bit.... different, lately. Especially in our reviews.

You'll notice looking back at most old reviews (that haven't been modified in some way) that the headers introduced now have that annoying little "expand" button on the top-left corner of them, like so:


After doing some chatting with Kinja and testing out various tweaks, we've discovered the new magic width for Kinja images is 636 pixels. Because innovation.

In any case, 636 pixel wide images should display without expand buttons on them, like so:

To that end, I'll be re-rendering all the appropriate review assets, so y'all don't have to resize them manually. It'll be up by the end of the day, since I gots me a day job and all that. I'll throw a blip onto the front page and work with GBD to get links updated in the article tonight.


In the meantime, if you have any questions, just let me know!

Update: We were a bit ahead of the Kinja help folks, they've just posted an update confirming what we on TAY have known for minutes, people, minutes.


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