I'm really feeling it!

So after a long frustrating evening of killing super mutants (Trinity Tower can go straight to hell for all I care...) I decided to fast travel back to sanctuary to unload my bags, restock my ammo, support my local business and all that jazz. Upon arriving at my lovingly crafted settlement I can’t seem to find the guy who’s supposed to be running my weapon shop anywhere. Maybe he’s on a break I think to myself, surely he’ll be back once his government mandated 15 minute coffee break.

15 Minutes Later

Hmmm, that’s weird, he should be back now. Maybe I should go search for him, it’s a hostile wasteland and I would hate for anything bad to happen to him, or the boss suit and fedora I equipped him with.


Hey I think I see Strong off in the distance working in the garden, maybe he knows where the weapon shop... Wait a minute... what the hell... Oh god dammit you’ve got to be kidding me:

Why the hell are you in my god damn power armor?!? You think it’s gonna help you sell weapons!?! There ain’t no charisma bonuses to be had wearing that.... Hmmm I’ll just remove the armor in the trade menu and put it back in my garage... Nope that didn’t work you still have the armor skeleton equipped... Son of a... I have no way to get you out of that armor without shooting you in the face... I think Random Settler #5, Runner of Weapon Shops is trying to make a power play to seize sanctuary away from me... I need to start rallying my towns people, ensuring I have their support. Surely he can’t get everyone to turn on me...

Seriously though when you park your Power Armor anywhere, make sure you take the fusion core out, otherwise this could happen to you... At least a raider didn’t hop into it cuz apparently that can happen too...

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