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PSA: Request for Contact Information (If You Want To)

Hey TAY. So as you may already know, the main Gawker Media sites are being auctioned off next week. We will have a better sense of what impact this has on TAY in the coming weeks. The process will very likely take some time, and not be a sudden change next week (if that’s even what will happen—there’s no way to know this at all). But what we can do, at the very least, is get our contact info in place.

Please fill out the form below with your contact information. GBD and I will be the only ones with access to this information. All the fields are required but if you’d rather not give information such as your real name for example, please just mark “N/A” or something cute like Jinbanyan.


The purpose of this form is that if the worst case scenario happens, GBD and I will be able to reach out to you to join a tentative new site.

  • Don’t forget to backup your articles if you so wish. Copy and paste them to a google doc/word doc if you can.
  • Don’t forget we have the Discord Chat to meet up.
  • If you’d like to contact GBD, Kluge or me directly: I’m at Zarnyx@gmail.com. GBD’s is ben@classrealm.com. I_Kluge’s is TAYKluge@gmail.com.
  • We can also be reached on Twitter: I’m @zarnyx. GBD can be reached there @superbentendo and Kluge can be found @I_Kluge

When we know more, we’ll be able to tell you more regarding changes, if any. For now, here’s the sign up sheet for contact information.

Thanks, TAY.

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