Ok all, I've tallied up the results of the poll on what to do with QOTD to the best of my ability. Hit the jump and look below. (Notice 2: Aik already gave me the clear to continue with QOTD, however, I felt it would be rude to suddenly take over without anyone else's permission. I know it was at least a small part of TAY and didn't want to take it away/alter it/whatever without everyone's consent.)

1) We summon back Furbs and purge anyone who knowingly crosses the boundaries of QOTD [ 5 ]

2) We start anew, but following the previous set-up (mostly questions on anything with the occasional question on gaming like I was doing). [ 4 ]

3) We do the opposite of 2 (mostly questions on games with the occasional random question). [ 2.5 ]

4) We do a 50/50 split of gaming and non-gaming related questions. [ 5 ]

5) We run both QOTDs at the same time (will require an willing author), but only post the questions on the writers' blog while a QOTD post with links to them is posted on the main page. (ie. Rockmandash's Steins;Gate double review) [ .25 ]


6) We kill QOTD [ 1 {As long as we kill a Furby} ]

That leaves us with a tie between bringing back Furbs and me running QOTD with a 50/50 split of gaming and non-gaming related questions. Thus we need one last round of votes. Please leave your final vote under my labled comment down below, and feel free to talk amongst yourselves by starting your own comment threads. I'll be ending this poll 12 hours from the posted date.