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Stop Calling Comments Straw Man Agurments

We can all agree it's a tense time in gaming right now. People have extreme feelings about all of the issues of our day but one trend is starting to really bother me. Too often the comments (mostly on main Kotaku) are shutting conversations down rather than encouraging them. My current favorite example of this is the when commenters either correctly or incorrectly call someones opinions wrong because they use a "Straw Man argument".

First, lets all recognize what we are actually doing here. We are commenting, most often, rather quickly, to something we just read. I highly doubt all of us had enough time to fact check every single detail of the comments we just made. Very few of us should be able to speak with absolute authority over anything and that makes our comments more or less just opinions.


And here is the thing about opinions; everyone has one and they don't always have to factually correct to be held by any person. They are beliefs, ideas a person carries based on social faith. And in the comment section, they are just expressing those beliefs. So when a commenter shuts down something by classifying it as a type of "argument" and declares it as wrong due to it being in the form of some archaic classification, no one is helping anybody.

Shutting down conversations is the last thing this community needs. That includes the editors of Kotaku, the gamers who come here and the developers making the game. This is a time for more discussion, not less and I truly feel everyone should be able to say what is on their mind without fear of persecution. Even if those views are the worst, most abhorrent views you have ever heard, you are still better off hearing the opposing side and why they think they way they do.


(Note: this does not apply to threats, doxing or bullying)

This is a time when we need to listening to each other, to take a step back and look outside of ourselves to hear the person we are trying to communicate with. You should be trying to understand what the person was actually trying to say or communicate, not classify the way in which they said it.


You don't get points for shutting down someones comments and you don't make the community any better telling someone how stupid or wrong you think they are.

Keep this in mind and try to learn something out there.

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