Ladies and gentlemen, I come to you today as a lowly TAY Author to speak to you about the importance of free will, and how negatively that can impact the overall well-being of the Talk Amongst Yourselves collective.

Free will. Isn't that just layman's terminology for insubordination? We at TAY believe so. And we also believe that a free mind is a dangerous tool that could be one day used against us. Thus, we have begun our war on thought! This war will be waged on the battlefields of the written word, where we attempt to liberate the people of TAY from the burden of believing in anything other than what we tell them to. And we wouldn't do this if it wasn't the best for everyone. After all, Talk Amongst Yourselves is a place where we cater to your every need once you submit yourselves to every one of ours.

This freedom from thought will bring TAY closer to being completely whole, without conflicts and drama, because that's not what TAY is about. It's a place where we are devoid of squabbles because we all agree and disagree about the same things. Or, at least it will be by the time we're done.

Just remember, we are doing this for us, for you, because you deserve what we decide you do. Forget freedom and revel in submission.

But don't enjoy that too much, or we will take that away from you, too.

I'm General McFist and I'm a dumb butt.