I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Human: Fall Flat is a new PC puzzle game currently in alpha. Even in this early state it’s quite a lot of fun. You control a little Goo Man who looks straight out of Gang Beasts and maneuver him through puzzle rooms. Whereas that one is fun to play with a friend and drunkenly pummel into each other there’s really something to be said for taking those inebriated physics and applying them to some basic logic puzzles.

You start by pushing buttons with two independently controlled arms and before long you are climbing, pushing, lifting, and... waddling. This is the waddle walk simulator you’ve been looking for.


I think my favorite part is trying to “break” the game. I put break in quotations because it feels implied that the devs want us to try and figure out alternative solutions. Why else make those walls just high enough to climb?

I also love the little diorama style level design. You advance from one little diorama stage to the next by... falling flat on your face. That certainly beats a loading screen. This is a game that just really came out of nowhere for me but I’m glad I came across it because it’s a giddy joy to play.

You can buy into the prototype to help fund development over on their site:

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