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PyramidHeadcrab Mini-Reviews a Bunch of Sega CD Games

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Gonna whip this review off quickly before bed. I just downloaded and burned a ton of Sega CD games, and I'm definitely going to be buying like half of them.


Popful Mail
This game sucks. The voiceover grates on your ears worse than Glee covers, and the game's action (which is pretty passable) constantly gets interrupted by characters bickering and insulting each other like third graders. The main character also has great tits (seriously, as far as cartoon boobs go, they are excellent) and the slimmest arms and legs ever seen on a non-skeleton character in gaming. Other than that, this game's pretty un-noteable, and I have no idea why it's so coveted by collectors.

Final Fight CD
I've never played a Final Fight game before, so I have a pretty neutral litmus and... This game is really good. Great sprite graphics, great music and sound, very good game. Definitely worth a playthrough.


Road Avenger
This one's also really good. I couldn't figure out the controls at first and I kept dying right away, but once I got the hang of it, I had a lot of fun. I don't see much incentive to play through it more than once, but it's good for the short time it lasts, for sure.

Earthworm Jim: Special Edition
Even though I've never had any special attraction to the series, and even though I never liked the franchise as a kid (I HATED the cartoon), I think I've played every version of Earthworm Jim out there, save the Master System release. The Sega CD one is definitely the best version - even better than the recent HD remake (which, IMHO, has really loose and non-responsive controls, as with most "retro" games being released these days). Great sound and music, great controls, really fun stuff here.


The Terminator
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh good gravy, I think this is my favourite Sega CD game. It might even crack the Genesis Top 5 entirely. This game is so freaking good. It plays sort of like Mega Man, but obviously less cartoony. The oppressive stage design perfectly fits the Terminator franchise, and the gameplay is tight and quite fair. The enemy designs and graphics are great to. But to be 100% honest? The absolute BEST thing about this game is the music. Go on YouTube and look up the OST now. It's early 90's thrash PERFECTION, even better than Lords of Thunder. I'd buy this disc just for the soundtrack if the game sucked - Sega CD games can be played like normal CDs for the soundtrack. But the game kicks ass too. Weirder still, the music is done by Tommy Tallarico, who I know as the host of the Canadian gaming show Reviews on the Run. He's also the guy responsible for organizing almost ALL of the major gaming concerts touring North America. This man is my hero. PLAY THIS GAME.

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