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Q&tAy: Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator

Reporting all units! That crazed, black and white colored, axe-wielding goat named Pilgor has been spotted at another family barbeque. Be on the look out. This goat is armed and hilarious!


While being pursued by this crazed goat, I happened upon Armin Ibrisagic, Game Designer & PR Manager at Coffee Stain Studios. We decided to take this lucky encounter to not only continue running for our lives, but to talk about his studio's new "goaterrific" game Goat Simulator.

How would you describe Goat Simulator?

Goat Simulator is the next big thing in goat simulation. Utilizing the latest technologies from NVIDIA and the Unreal Engine, it brings a next-gen goat simulation experience inches away from your face. It is a digitalized drug that is absorbed right through your eyes, forcing your brain to have fun.


From what sources did you draw inspiration during development?

Goats, Simulators, Goat Simulators, and Honorable First Chairman Kim-Jong-un

What sort of difficulties have you faced during development?

At times we had some issues with the bugs in Goat Simulator. We couldn't tell them apart from features.


Were there any specific "Aha!" moments that set the game in a new direction?

Most of the game design has grown naturally from weird-looking bugs. For instance, the sniper shot with the bucket in our first alpha video was due to the fact that the headbutt had an incredibly unrealistic impact force that was like a hundred times stronger than it should be. It looked hilarious, so we kept it. We wanted to add a feature where the goat turns its head away instead of clipping inside a wall, but the result was the spazz-out that you saw when it climbed a ladder. So I wouldn't say "Aha!" moments have guided our game design, more like "Hahaha!" moments.


What new aspects of the game are you excited to implement?

I CANNOT WAIT until we get Steam Workshop support up and running. I totally love Happy Wheels and I hope we'll see similar hilarity from the community in Goat Simulator.


Tell us what the back of the box for Goat Simulator would say.

If we ever did a boxed version, it would probably have a disclaimer to not buy the game, along with a list of other better ways to spend $10 at, like a book on how to avoid huge ships, investing the money in casette players, or buying 1/5 of an actual real-life goat.


What is the goat's name?

Her name is Pilgor.

You can pre-order Goat Simulator right here.


Do you know what is also goaterrific? @marshnaylor

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