I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Meet Hempy. He's small, and cute. Leafy too. He has big dreams: to one day be a Hemp Tycoon.

This is Pop's farming simulator, currently on Adult Swim and Facebook, is all about growing, managing, and profiting from running your own Industrial Hemp farm.


CEO and Creative Director Vincent Lacava, and Game Designer Noah Sasso took some time to field some questions about a game that pays homage to an important alternative resource.

How would you describe Hemp Tycoon?

Vincent: Comfort play!

From what sources did you draw inspiration during development?

Noah: At the time, Zynga's Farmville was a really big deal in the world of game dev. Everyone wanted to get rich making games about planting stuff and waiting around, so Hemp was an attempt at a parody of that moment.

What sort of difficulties have you faced during development?

Vincent: Keeping subversive humor without referencing or encouraging drug use.

Were there any specific "Aha!" moments that set the game in a new direction?

Vincent: When we saw Hempy's first walk cycle, or when we realized that ultimate success for Hempy meant more leisure time – this is hinted at in the final instruction panel where the text "become a tycoon" is juxtaposed against an image of Hempy sleeping.


What aspects of the game did you want to implement, but had to leave out?

Vincent: For me, hybridization. We envisioned grandpa Hempy introducing a new class of fruit-yielding seeds. Combining banana and strawberry plants would produce rare banana-strawberry hybrid seeds. More uncommon pairings would be challenging by virtue of mismatched grow times. So for example, a player would need to plant a kumquat seed, check back in 2 hours to plant kiwi's on either side, and then return to the game at the precise moment when both plants mature to harvest the kumquat-kiwi hybrid and collect its seeds.


Tell us what the back of the box for Hemp Tycoon would say.

Noah: "Made entirely of hemp".

Try it out at Adult Swim Games or Facebook.

Here's another alternative resource: @marshnaylor

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