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Q: What is your personal reaction to big announcements?

So by now, you've definitely heard of the successor to Mega Man, Beck of Mighty No. 9. As I began my daily rummaging rituals through Tumblr and DeviantART, I've noticed that fans have been showing their support with fan art...This after the fact that they've probably shared some of their green with Keiji Inafune and Comcept via Kickstarter. Hell, I plan to as well sometime before the deadline.

Other fans have sought to create remixes of the main tune, and I'm sure people are coming up with their own stories and fanfics.


Most of you here on TAY know me as an artist, an illustrator. To answer the question I have pitched to you, with the release of any big news regarding to the announcements of movies, games, TV shows and the rest, I tend to create fanart as a way to release that excitement.

I began work on fanart for Beck a day after the release and finished it up a few days later:

I was ecstatic at the news. I watched the Kickstarter intro video a number of times, and sought to read comments wherever the articles of the announcement were. The next day, I looked around DeviantART and Tumblr, and Beck was finding his way all over my screen. This simply added to my hype and inspired me to come up with my own art. I also felt compelled to find my old Mega Man games and play through them.

So my question to you all is...How do you release your excitement at news that gets you hyped?

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