I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Before I start off, I'm sorry if I have confused, flustered, or annoyed anyone throughout this time period. I'm just trying to be as upfront as I possibly can be with the recent turn of events, and I've tried at all points to avoid sparking debates and discontent. And by the looks of it, I have failed miserably. Sigh... Once again, I'm sorry. Nevertheless here are the results of the QOTD vote:

1) We bring back Aikage ( 4 Votes )

2) I continue QOTD with a 50/50 split between gaming and non-gaming content ( 5 votes)


Now before any of you get riled up or start asking questions all over the board, first of all, Aikage said he was fine with me taking over, secondly, I'll open every Thursday up to those who want to make a question or want Aikage to do so. It will be done by me setting up a place on the Wednesday's question for you guy to drop your names or Aik's, and I will randomly pick a name and ask that person the question they want to ask along with their answer.

That being said, I will start it up tomorrow on both TAY and TAYCLASSIC (due to tags only sending readers to other articles with the same tag by that author when it is posted on the author's personal blog), and will see you then.

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