Oh we all know the stereotype. Fat pimply nerd sits on couch scarfing pizza in his mom's basement. We all know that's not true. Why? Because pizza is actually the absolute worst food you could possibly eat while gaming. Give me a break, yes, I want to grease my fingers up then lube my controller buttons with said grease to fumble all my combo moves and make my controller perma smell like someone is baking cookies made from small rodents.

No. Just no. If you like pizza as a gaming snack, well different strokes for different folks I guess! But if you're looking to expand your horizons Nach has got you covered.

What's your go to gaming snack or gaming drink? Discuss the pros/cons of said snack as it relates to gaming.


For all my distaste of pizza, I find myself frequently eating cake while I play DOTA 2 (or is it a lie? OH GOD I'M SORRY). Cake is pretty good because 1. I love frosting. 2. It takes some effort to eat and while this seems counter intuitive, anyone who has played DOTA 2 with me recently knows I tend to die a lot. When you die there's a countdown timer and so I need to find something to do while I wait. Eating cake fills up a good 20-30s of that time. 3. I can leave the dirty dish sitting next to the computer in my mom's basement to attract ants. Because, friends.


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