Being a video game character can be a lonely, solitary job. The long hours and grueling work make meeting someone difficult. So it is no wonder why, in this new day and age, more and more of our favorite heroes are turning to online dating.

What would an online dating profile look like for INSERT NAME HERE?

I'll get the ball rolling and provide a format.

Name: Desert Bust Driver

Age: 55

Location: Tucson, AZ or Los Angeles, CA

Income: 25,000$ or below

Hobbies: Bus Driving, picking my nose, vulture counting, prairie dog road kill: the game

My ideal first date would be: I'll pick you up at your place at 8 pm, then we can drive to our destination, for 8 hours. I'll have you back by 1 pm the next day!

Turn offs: Children, standing in the aisle, spitballs, graffitti, singing

Turn ons: naps, being scratched behind the ears, endless, quiet, bus rides.


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