Oh boy, that international 3. Quick exposition before we get to the question. DOTA 2 is a MOBA game that has several different characters, all with unique abilities. Two of these characters are Pudge and Chen. Pudge has a move where he will shoot out a hook. If that hook connects with anything it will reel back in (think Scorpion from MK).

Chen has a move where he can teleport you back to base. In the International 3 a spotlight was shone on "fountain hooking" a technique that has been around, but not in high profile matches like this before. The move is thus: As there's a delay before you are sent back to base, Chen will use his teleport move on Pudge. Pudge then hooks someone the instant before he is sent back to base. The hooked character will now fly across the map to the fountain (healing area and any enemy entering will more or less insta death) where they are killed by the fountain's turret and by pudge's disable.

2:05 of the youtube video shows what I'm talking about if that wasn't clear enough.

This wasn't really meant to be in the game. It's a bit of an exploit and it's questionable whether it should be allowed in later iterations of the international or if it will be nerfed in future updates of the game.

OK, OK, this was basically just a love letter to DOTA 2 here, but my question of the day is....


What's your favorite exploit in a game?

Bonus question: Weigh in on the Fountain Hooking debate: Legit strategy or cheap exploit?

I think my favorite exploits have always been the mario "Get infinite 1 up" exploits. There's an area in most of the Mario games where you can infinitely jump on turtles or goombas to get 1ups. Even the original had it.

To answer the bonus question/my 2 cents: Fountain hooking also removes pudge from the equation, so it's still a 4 v 4 team fight. I say it's fair. Games are all about using skills in new and inventive ways. I say, let it stay. How can the game evolve if people aren't allowed to experiment and find ways to counter/plan for these sort of things.



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