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Yesterday morning I was in the shower trying to think of the perfect question for Question of the Day, when I slipped on the soap and smashed my head into the shower knob. My daughter called 9-1-1 and they rushed me to the hospital where they gave me 13 stitches and told me that my vision would return over the next couple of days. Last night I played DOTA 2 and my whole team was from Iceland and stayed in the fountain while I singlehandedly went 65-3. I guess I don't need eyesight to become one with Dendi.

What was the biggest gaming lie you ever told?

...not that I'm lying about that story or anything....no. not at all....

Bonus Question: Ever told a story and someone thought you were lying and you weren't?


I have two of those, both from the original Mario (as this was pre - everyone upload everything to youtube for proof days).

1. I jumped over the flagpole once. It was just endless castle but I was so excited.

2. I speed ran the game in under ten minutes. I did this one while in college and I know it's not that impressive but I'm not a professional speed runner or anything. I practiced a few times and was able to do it consistently, then when I invited my two friends over for the "official" run, I died to that stupid hammer brother right before the final bowser and didn't make the time. To this day they won't believe that I ever did it.

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