I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

We all pore endlessly over how many furbys/what generation furby/what furby accessories should be in our forum avatars. But how much time do we spend on our user IDs?

When making your gamertag its usually *

AMIRITE? No? Well, then!

What does your gamertag mean?

I usually use Aikage but I've slowly been switching to Issiyo. I stole the name Aikage, which means love shadow(?), from a #hentai IRC channel OP circa 1996. I just liked the name and no one used it for a long long time. Then. This.

Illustration for article titled Question of the Day! (Brought to you by GiantBoyDetective)

although his name is Raikage, apparently enough people thought dropping the R was a valid thing to do, as I can NEVER use my name on any new game anymore :(.

Issiyo is what I thought the lead singer of Sigur Ros was saying in one of his songs (I think it turned out to be something like Ix Xylo or something.


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