I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Following the theme of the week (emotions), today's emotion is.....

drumroll please!


I dont' know, Neryl wanted it :P.

Groovy is to the emotions what Umami is to cooking. It's that feeling. When it all comes together and you just feel like the biggest muthafluffin badbutt (please, there are children!). It could be that you're feeling like a 1970's disco dancer.


When have you felt like that within the context of video games, dear readers?

For me:

There was a game called Gun Valkyrie for the X Box several years ago. In this game you had to keep moving and shooting and it took an incredible amount of coordination to stay airborne (you had to sort of dodge left and right to refill your fuel if I remember, so basically if you stopped moving you fell to the ground). If you fell on the ground you could still clear most of the game but it just wasn't as fun. When I finally got the hang of it it was like Nirvana. Just juking all over the place blowing stuff up from on high, totally untouchable. It was, in a word, groovy.



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