Because a lot of people seem to be pretty burnt out lately, and because my daughter didn't let me sleep last night, let's make today's special theme week emotion.....


When I say exhaustion you think of (hopefully video game related)....?

For me:

I think of open world games. I think I may be a closet completionist. I really enjoyed the first couple of hours of every Bethesda game I've played up until "that point". The point where I suddenly realize I've spent the last 5 hours doing a side quest just so I could see Jorunder's happy smiling face again. I could not tell you the main story of any of those games even though I've played most of them for quite some time. The same thing happened when I tried to play GTA IV. I enjoyed myself up until the point that I realized I'd just spent the last couple hours driving people around in a taxi and had completely forgotten what I was supposed to do next.


Whenever I think about those games it's like a snorlax came and sat down on my chest. I find that soul crushing weariness overtakes me.


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