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Question of the Day!

Sorry I'm late, had a very hectic morning!

So, for the final installment of emotions week let's go with a twofer.

Today's emotions are: Happiness and Love!

Now, before you start posting endless Trigun .gifs, tell me about a game that made you happy. Tell me about a game that helped you to land the girl of your dreams, or a game that you love so much you have proposed to it several times (AND SHE SAID YES!!!!)


Katamari Damacy was a game for me that made me just feel good. It wasn't my favorite game and in fact I got bored with it (probably because I was an emo boy who didn't want the feels man!) but while I played it it made me quite happy. There was something in its off the wall humor and simplistic gameplay mixed with bright vibrant colors, that just put a smile on my face.

I have tales of heartbreak abound (oddly) involving video games, but no real story of love that involves it. I guess maybe...the second girl I ever dated I got to play Starcraft. She loved it. To this day I still think of her as the one that got away.


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