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Oooooooohhh the question I really want to ask is, should I get FF14? My sense of being a part of the TAY community says yes, but my wallet says, "Go F$#@ Yourself!"

(This post is not sponsored by FF14)

It is sponsored by Pepsi. Yes Pepsi.

Drink Pepsi, it is crisp and delicious. My name's Aikage, I'm a non professional gamer. When the thirst strikes me, I reach for a Pepsi. Not only is it filled with the only non vitamin and non mineral I need - sugar - but it also contains caramel coloring which is crucial for those "IN YOUR FACE" extreme gaming moments.


-not an actual testemonial

What's the most awful usage of product placement in a video game that you can think of?

I'm going old school as the game I was actually thinking of in regards to this question is .....


As a kid I didn't even know what Chupa Chups were until, one fateful day, I popped in the 5.25" disk to discover....


Now I'm addicted. Can't stop. Someone call CPS because I have been neglecting my daughter for weeks now as I try to get my next fix of Chupa Chup goodness.

Please note: This post has been tongue in cheek. In no way do I endorse consumption of Pepsi or Chupa Chups. Please, addict responsibly.


PPS: I'd never neglect my daughter.


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