I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Question of the Day!

Ohhhhh yes, so the launch of FF14 has been a bit of a mess. Ben Affleck is playing Batman. Children in Darfur go without clean water. Hatred and genocide exist.


But today let's look on the brightside. Everyone hold hands and sing Kumbaya while we head into today's Question of the Day.

Think of a game that has made you upset. Now can you think of anything that you were grateful about for that game? What? (Keep the snark to a minimum - yes, "IT WAS SHORT" is legitimate but c'mon you can do better)


I did eventually sign on to Odin (EU server) but enough about FF14! Let's be super mushy and awkward. Although not technically VIDEO GAMEZ, I'm thankful for the Kinja redesigns. Although I miss some of the crew from the old #speakup, if not for the redesigns I would never have met all of you lovely people on TAY. I can't think of a single negative experience I've had on TAY, and I really feel included and accepted in a way that just commenting on articles on Kotaku proper doesn't. I guess I should thank being greyed for that too. So anyway, I didn't get enough sleep so I'm maybe overly emotional and delirious but all I really wanna say is

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and women!


Got an idea for a great Question of the day? Mail it to me, Aikage. Don’t worry, I’ll give credit where credit is due, just be sure to include your Kotaku username in the email. Question of the day may or may not have to do with video games, so don't worry if your question pertains to where Pacman puts his purchases.

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