I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ah, the dog. Man's best friend. Unless you're a cat person I guess. Or a chocobo person. Or a Navi person (ha, ha, I kid, I kid). Hrmmm, who is man's best friend?


What's your favorite minion?

I gotta say the MAGs from PSO. Those were by far the greatest fun I've ever had with a minion. In fact, just to gush, PSO was gaming perfection. Loot a thon, pretty basic combat, good social aspects for the time, online play, an absolutely fantastic pet system, giant boss battles, sigh. I miss PSO. ANYWAY, in PSO you fed your MAG different items (which got quite pricey) and it would level up thereby bestowing different stats on you and looking pretty badass as well. Depending on what you fed it it would turn into a different iteration and bestow different stats. I think you could also put it on your VMU and carry it around like a tamagotchi (but I'm not too clear on that part, I might be remembering the chau from Sonic.)

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