I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Question of the Day!

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Last night was Movie Night. For those that didn't attend, you really missed out. It was a stunning movie of epic breadth and unfathomable truth. One thing I thought the movie really lacked was ninjas. At one point I had to post a LMGTFY "WHERE ARE THE NINJAS?" But anyway. By far, the best part of that movie was the music.


It was a group of five men and 1 woman.

The men sang songs about friendship.

In a nightclub.

That was a front for a cocaine smuggling ring (I think....details on the story of this movie elude me).


What game has been overall very enjoyable for you but one aspect is just strangely out of place?

Does the lighthearted frivolity of Louis yelling, "PEELS HEAH!" a thousand times, really seem odd? How about the Atomic Bomb subtext of Braid? Does the lack of a Chocobo "WARK" sound effect during FF14 cutscenes really chap your hide (hint: yes)?


For me, I always loved resident evil but man, those first few games and their dialogue. The games were scary at the time - jump out of my seat, play with all the lights on, scary. I guess the scares and gameplay for me were Cabin in the Woods. The voice acting was Evil Dead (not the reboot).

Sorry Damson, I actually tried to get in to my office early so I could post and I still knock OF down one. Argh.

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