I'm really feeling it!

First some business: Should I post QOTD to TAYclassic only, TAY only, or both?

Now on to the question!

I was going to ask a question about your favorite art style but then I was jamming out to Dragon Sound in my office and a coworker walked in and it was one of those moments where they look at you. You look back at them. A few seconds of uncomfortable silence punctuated only by 80s synth pass. Slowly your hand creeps to the mouse and you close the window. Then you turn and hope that everyone can quickly forget the last minute of their life.

Which inspires me to ask, What's your most embarrassing gaming memory?

Did your mother walk in on you while you were propositioning a hooker in GTA? Did you have your headphones on while playing Fire Emblem on the subway and thusly didn't notice how loudly you passed gas until you saw that everyone was looking at you? Did your MGS "!" phone notification go off 100 times in an important meeting?

I don't know how NSFW I can go here, but let's just say when I was maybe late teens, I really liked...Jast games. If you don't know what Jast games are then good. They're wholesome family games where you help girls out of certain situations and they reward you with flowers (OK I'M NOT PROUD OF THIS. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!) So, anyway, long story short, my sister started playing it because we had a family computer and I was too stupid at the time to know how to properly hide things (A folder labeled Spencer's Games didn't really work I guess). Anyway, oops?! I still catch flack for that sometimes depending on how far memory lane we are going when we get together.

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