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I don't particularly care for sports. It's not that I don't find them entertaining. But, I get a little annoyed that the American public would rather pay the NFL to fake a breast cancer research fund drive, then...say....fund actual breast cancer research. The amount of money Americans vote to give to sports related entertainment vs. donate to science (YES I'M PANHANDLING FOR SCIENCE. The situation is extremely grim.) is pretty astounding.


Anyway, off my soapbox. That's something that bothers me. I won't buy football games because I don't want to support the NFL/AFL (Yes I realize the percentage that the NFL gets from royalties on MADDEN 2014 are probably a pittance but it's the principal). What's a topic that dissuades you from purchasing a game on moral grounds?

Are you anti guns, so GTA, COD, etc. are off the table? Are you religious and thus certain games just turn you off? Do you not like nudity in your games so BMX XXX is a no go?

Please note that today people may have what are known as "opinions." To anyone venturing in for the first time, we're a friendly group here and it's OK to disagree but please do so in a respectful and appropriate manner.

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