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Question of the Day!

I am the one who knocks!

Welcome to a beautiful western NY autumn day. The leaves are changing colors, the temps are high 60's to upper 70's and everything is going dandy. (we'll leave out my blood parasite and/or T - virus infection for now). Ah autumn in NY. So wonderful. If they made a video game about it, it would feature interesting gameplay mechanics like, "Skip work" and "roll in leaves" and "realize there was dog poop in that pile of leaves" followed by "shirtless run of shame"


What location in the real world would make for an interesting video game level?

Think the tower of Pisa would be fun to create a Hulk game around? The Grand Canyon would make a stellar racing game level? Or how about Super Smash brothers based around the Rochester Institute of Technology (HINT: DO YOU LIKE BRICKS?)

oh, and here's a rabbit gif.


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