In order to back away from the precipice that is self indulgent, thought experiments posed as questions....Today I will ask a rather straight forward question. How much do you love Katy Perry? What is your favorite quote from a video game?

I know it's non - remarkable, but the first one that popped into my head was from Lunar. There's this guy who is SPOILER - obviously the bad guy. Alex, the main character is all, "GALEON NOooooo!" (I think this is at the big reveal that he's the bad guy). To which Galeon replies,

"Not Galeon dear boy, MAGIC EMPORER Galeon!" then he laughs and transforms into an Eva or something.

My brother and I loved that quote as it pretty much captured the "big reveal" trope as well as the insanity of most jRPGS. We would say it whenever we saw the obvious bad guy; "not Sephiroth, dear boy, MAGIC EMPORER Sephiroth!" etc.


Header Image: I was trying to find the WMD quote from Skies of Arcadia because that was REALLY the first one that popped into my head, but I failed. Instead I found the tattoo on some girl's shoulder. If I ever saw that girl I would probably say, "I like your tattoo."