I was playing Gravity Rush and the first ten minutes of the game has a giant storm come and blow away parts of the town. Inside one of these buildings is Eugie, who you must save. Eugie! Eugie! Anyway, there's a cat and some introduction to the game mechanics etc. The point is this, you don't have any time limit to save Eugie. He's holding on by the tips of his fingers to a metal beam and can do so for eternity. I guess it's not so surprising, as his dad just lifted a giant metal grate out of the way like it was a pizza....

I'm not huge into this whole "IMMERSION IS NECESARY FOR ME TO ENJOY A GAME" thing. I would like Half Life and Half Life 2 immensely more if they gave Gordon a personality. But, on the other hand, when a game is so obvious with it, like in this instance, I do mentally subtract some points.

If I were to write a guide book for game devs. Rule #32 of game dev is <s> you don't talk about game development </s> don't treat your gamer like an idiot. If there had been a 1 minute timer up there with like a short cutscene at 30s of his hand slipping, I would have not subtracted any mental review points. It would also have given me incentive to become "good" at the game rather than "good enough".

Let's make a rulebook for game developers. What rule would you give game developers?