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Cower in fear my friends, it's almost upon us. As the little notification at the top of the page says, tomorrow is the day! I know I said i'd do something fun for the yearbook posts but really there were not enough posts and my daughter is coming to work with me tomorrow so I imagine she'll monopolize the computer - ergo, no time to photoshop. Anyway, let's think of a question here.....

What game mechanic makes a game for you?

I'll go back a decade or so here, maybe more....like 15 years. Dial up era. There was a game called Raider Wars released by iMagic a company that eventually melded with AOL games and thusly was killed off. Anyway this game was absolutely fantastic. If you want to see something funny, the website I designed IN HTML!!!! BY HAND!! for the game, is here! As you can tell I was REALLY into it. So anyway, this game. It was a space sim where three teams vied for control of these space stations. It was basically TF2, in space, with three teams. It was seriously the most fun I've ever had and probably the grandfather of my love of DOTA. But anyway, from this game came my love of flying in games. If a game has flying in it I'm sold. Freelancer? Yes. Starlancer? Yes. Descent Freespace? Yes. Gravity Rush? Yes. Red Baron? Yes. Seriously, name a game with flying and I've probably played it. I love the freedom of 360 degrees of movement. If a game has space, or flying, I probably have played and loved it.


Bonus question: What the heck happened to space sims?

Disclaimer: I was like 14 or 15 when I made that website so please, forgive my ridiculous comments like, CHAINED TO A CORPORATION LIKE A HUSBAND CHAINED TO HIS WIFE. HA HA HA AH HAAHHAHA oh God, I slay me.

Oh, the password for the "members" area is pepsi

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