I'm really feeling it!

Question of the Day?

They're finally building a Costco in Rochester. That's probably bad news for me. Diabetes. Costco has delicious cakes and pies that aren't actually delicious and may or may not really be cakes and/or pies. Anyway. I just received the leftovers that my mom brought back from DC - red velvet cake. I love red velvet cake but I think I prefer German Chocolate. That mix of chocolate and coconut is just too hard to pass up.

Honorable mentions; peanut butter pie, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, and apple pie. It'd be un-american not to give apple pie a shout out.


What is your favorite cake or pie? You can pick either or, and cake people, let's be civilized to pie people ok? I don't want a repeat of the great dessert war of 2012.

Edit: The header image was supposed to be a video of the sealab episode with the "delicious cakes and pies" quote. Apparently that's too hard to find, so enjoy this instead.

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