I'm really feeling it!

I so stupid. Today I was thinking about travel times, and Halloween, and how I was going to juggle my daughter's birthday with visitation schedules, and who to use as references for my new job, etc.

I drove right by the bus parking lot.

Oops! I didn't just drive by it, I drove by it by about 1 mile before I realized that I had missed it and turned around. Luckily the bus comes every 15 minutes in the morning so I wasn't too late to work.


What is the stupidest (maybe not the worst) game you've played lately?

I think the stupidest game I've played has been Temple Run 2. That game is just...dumb. I don't get it. I prefer levels, or a clear, obtainable goal. You can never win TR2. I do like the giant monster though, and I keep it on my phone for my daughter to play when I brush her hair....but that's about it. I haven't touched it after my initial download and play.

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