I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Cary Grant was told at age nine that his mother went off to a seaside resort upon arriving home from school one day. The truth is that his mother was sent to a mental institution. He quit school at 14 to join a troupe of traveling comedians. He saw his mother again when he was in his late 20's. He had no prior knowledge as to her whereabouts until that time. Eventually he made his way to the USA where he was almost immediately picked up to star in movies. Mae West was noted as having said he had an aura of virility, sexuality, and the bearing of a gentleman. He made numerous movies, and ended leaving Hollywood feeling alienated. He had been married five times.
A reporter once asked him, “Who is Cary Grant?” He replied, “When you find out, tell me.”

He was born Archie Leech.

He was also quoted as having said, “I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person.


Or he became me."


So funny how life drags us back to certain things. Friday, the power cord on my computer blew. I ordered a new one. Today I booted up my computer and the fan sounded like it was dying as well so to be safe I went and got my 1TB external (5400RPM WOW! So Speed! Much Space! Cool!) and began to backup my C drive which I hadn't done for awhile. So I also haven't looked at anything on that had drive in years. Of course there was about an hour's worth of pictures that I shouldn't have looked at but like a moth to the flame...


Anyway buried beneath all the other junk was a story I had written back when I was more...maudlin. That snippet above is from it. It's 40 pages single spaced! I was intent! Kind of sad how I read it and it's...not very good. I don't really have a point to any of this so let's make today's question


Favorite Pointless Story!

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