Man the original soundtrack to crazy taxi was pretty good. I'm not sure why they messed with it in subsequent releases. Trust me, if you're playing rehashes of a 10 year old game, you want 10 year old music. Not random, unheard of, whatchamacallits and whojiggers.

Anyway, I was talking about Twisted Metal with Neryl yesterday (who is a DOTA 2 shark for anyone who wants to know (OH I JUST FINISHED THE TUTORIAL....proceeds to smack down everyone....BLINK DAGGER? REALLY?)). I loved the floaty car physics. Crazy Taxi also had some pretty fun car physics (jumping car in 2 and 3) enough so that if there were trophies around for it, I would have platinumed it (finished all the challenges and modes with an S rank).

So, as I was sitting in the slow as snails traffic this morning I found myself wishing for some unrealistic car physics. I wanted to use my car to plow all the other cars out of the way, or jump over them or something. I wanted to hop over the guardrail and have my car take minimum damage.

What game related...thing, do you wish you could have in real life?