I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Question of the Day!

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It's snowing outside. All snow and no sun make Furby something something.

What's your favorite ice level?

I'm not sure if I asked this one, but hey, doing 365 - (2 x 52) questions of the day means that eventually I'm going to start repeating myself. (Up next: How did you pick your screen name? HA HA HA just kidding.)


I think it's a toss up between Mario 3 and FF14. Mario 3 was the subject of a lot of funny moments when you start swearing at the screen as mario just goes ice skating off a ledge. Then you hand the controller to your brother and laugh as he does the exact same thing. Classic NES fun. FF14 has the Coerthas Central Highlands which has great music and some really nice visuals. Apparently SE has removed the song I had in mind from YouTube so...you'll just have to play if you wanna hear it.

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