I'm really feeling it!

With all this talk of Canoes, Doodling, and Noodles....I've begun to develop quite an appetite! Also winter apparently is here to stay?

In those cold winter months (assuming you don't live in....Florida, or Texas (OOPS THERE GOES 1/2 OUR VIEWING AUDIENCE), what do you do to pass the time and/or stay warm?


Second question: Why do you all live so far south? I'm jealous.

Third Question: What's your go to Winter Meal?

1. Sledding with my daughter. I also go to a lot of movies as they're generally pretty warm.

2. I live in western NY. I wish you all a white. white. Christmas.

3. Chili. It's so easy to make and you can just store it outside because it is 100 degrees below 0 and so you can save fridge space that way.

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