As I was playing DOTA 2 last night I began to wonder about meeting people in the real world. I realized that I'd probably only be semi comfortable meeting 2 or 3 people from here in the real world. One of them starting with a Q. As Plato said, "Take heed of playing often or deep at Dice and Games of Chance, for that is more chargeable than the seven deadly sins; yet you may allow yourself a certain easie Sum to spend at Play, to gratifie Friends, and pass over the Winter Nights, and that will make you indifferent for the Event"

Which is usually misattributed as, "You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in an evening of talk" or something along those lines. Basically, if I've played a game and talked to you, voice to voice, I'll have an easier time meeting you in real life. I have pretty bad social anxiety, and meeting people is very difficult for me so for some reason, having been reassured that you're not a 75 year old axe murderer (I can tell by hearing you. Also, 45 year old axe murderers, welcome), makes meeting up slightly easier.

I also heard in a Metric song, "They were right, when they said, we should never meet our heroes."

Who would you like to meet in the gaming community?

Would you give Jim Sterling a piece of your mind? Would you tell the Penny Arcade guys that you thought Dickwolves was hilarious? Or would you like to hang out with your fellow TAYter tots in NYC (seems to be the hip place to meet up)?


Edit: I apologize if it sounds like I only like 2-3 of you. If any of you ever really want to meet up, I will make every effort to do so.