I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Uhm, hi everyone! TUT here! You guys know me as "That creepy stalker guy who's always on TAY, and sees everything on here". And well, that's mostly correct . . . For those of you who don't know it yet, I'm currently not home at the time. I'm off on some family-related trip in the boonies, and the hotel's wi-fi is pretty lame. Hence not being around for a while, now, hehe. And well, here I am, with shoddy internet, broken headphones, and a 3DS with a game I can't use (Forgot my Circle Pad Pro, and I can't play RE:Revelations with that). I might just go crazy . . . Soon . . . I had to drive for a while with my father, and well . . . I now remember why I spent our roadtrips glued to my Game Boy.

So, family roadtrips . . . Nowadays, kids have their fancy iPads, and their Vitas and such. But back in my day, when I couldn't play with the sun glaring down on my screen, I'd play this game with my brother. We called it "Bingo" for some reason, and the point of it was to say "Bingo" every time we saw a motorcycle. Mopeds didn't count (Pffft, pansy bikes) and you could make combos if you called out several bikes in one go. Heh, my parents were very patient. I would've probably thrown us out of the car on the highway in their place, now that I think about it. ^^;

So, how'd you guys kill time on roadtrips?


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