I'm really feeling it!


That's right! No longer am I held captive by sub-par internet, and now freely roam with phone coverage valley-wide! I feel reinvigorated! So, now that my state of bitter exile has been lifted, I now return to my usual duties and leisurely activities here on TAY.


So . . . On the way back home, when I wasn't muttering dark curses for the annoying brat behind me under my breath, I was listening to Ovid's Withering. Or "Ovdi", as they're known to their bros. They're a good technical progressive death metal band, and a new favorite of my best friend and I. We've been dying to go to one of their concerts, but the bastards decided to skip Arizona (As good bands always do . . . *sigh*), so all we can do is look at their Facebook feed and yearn for that magical day . . . And that's how we've realized how big the band's gotten in the metal community. They came from pretty much nowhere, and grew quite quickly. They totally ran out of merch in their last concert (Which is a big deal for a metal band) . . . And then we had a brief "Dude, I'm not sure I like how big they're getting". We've already talked about things we're hipsters about, and stuff we totally found out about before it got big . . . But my question for you today is:

What's something you selfishly want to keep only to yourself? Away from mainstream eyes?

Be it video games, anime or music, I'm sure we all have something we'd rather have as special secret treasure. There's just something about that added "cool" factor when it comes to things like this that we're all guilty of in some form. Right? *Adjusts fedora*

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