I'm really feeling it!

Let's talk about chivalry. No, not the game. I'm taking about chivalry. Yea, you know, that one honor code thing for knights or whatever. That thing.

I was sorta just doing some introspection about my attitude online for a bit, reminiscing about some of my memorable encounters online. We often hear about some pretty nasty people, and know that the internet and online gaming communities are always going to be the home of some of the best and worst the world has to offer, so a lot of us are often prepared to face some degree of hostility. But when trying to evaluate my own actions, and see that I'm not being the type of dick I'd hate to encounter, I realized that "being a dick" is totally relative.


I love GTA: Online. I think that much is clear by now, right? People always complained about people being asshats there, and some were completely put off by the "toxic environment". The latter is in quotes because to me, it didn't seem all that toxic. People were just being people, in my eyes. Being mean is nothing I haven't seen before, so I just brush it aside. It's kinda just "there" in the same way that sauerkraut and relish are "there" at the hotdog station at Circle K during my quick visit for a trashy meal. I just want the ketchup and mustard, and only focus on those, even if I'm offered the former two. I'll just politely decline them the same way I decline angry messages directed at me online.

Casual volleys of profanity do nothing for me. I'd rather get offended in more personal ways like, say, having a challenge to a fight declined. "Am I not good enough for this quarrel? Think you're so high and mighty?" "Too scared to find out who's better?" "Oh, so first you're gonna come at me from nowhere, and now you're not gonna finish what you started?". That type of stuff. But that's just me. We're all different, and we all get offended in different ways. So, my question for you today is:

What's a pet peeve or yours, or dick thing that people do online that you just utterly despise?

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